Sunrise Senior Living Elder Care Re-branding

Brand alignment for 230 senior living communities

Marketing materials to express the spirit of relationships and joy of every day

Print-on-demand sales collateral that enables custom variations for specific community photos, features, price lists and floor plan inserts

Sunrise Senior Living Signature Experience booklet

Sales and professional referral collateral for independent senior living communities

Series of senior resource materials, cook books, interior design and memory care guides

Seasonal community relations marketing, fund-raising calendars, holiday cards and sales events

Print-on-demand template solutions for direct-mail event marketing

Print-on-demand collateral solutions for multiple events, holidays, locations and target audiences

Poster and flyer series for quality of senior care doctrines and highlights

Magazine and newspaper ads, referral program literature and special sales event marketing materials

Display materials for exhibiting core principles and standards

On-line marketing graphics, website, banner ads and social media layouts

Annual marketing campaign series including print-on-demand template solutions for direct mail, posters and flyers with companion interior design guide

Event campaign series including community recipe book

Event campaign series including memory care guide book

Event campaign series including anniversary celebration edition

Brand consistent vehicle and site graphics